Daniel Lennon Webb

Owner requirement: Daniel Lennon Webb is a upcoming 3D artist. He specializes in internal design. He required a website which would show off his top designs. Not a complex website, just something simple as he put it. Solution: Was to create a single page website which was responsive. Which just means the website will automatically…

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Rona Conti


Owner requirement: Rona Conti is a painter and Japanese calligrapher whose artwork is represented in public, private and corporate collections, and museums in the United States and internationally. Solution: Rona needed a face lift to her old html website. The solution was to rebuild the website using new technology which gave her speed and security,…

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Owner requirement: The Sustainability Investment Leadership Committee required a new website to promote their new yearly event. The design had to contain the most important information on the front page for mobile users. Solution: Since the design needed to be easy to read on mobile devices, we created a one page design. This helped in…

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Paper Connection International


Owner requirement: Paper Connection International is the oldest Washi paper supplier in the United States of America. The problem was that so was their website, so it needed to be updated and redesigned to fit the times. Solution: Since the website was built on an unknown platform, we had to rebuild a new website from…

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Owner requirement: A website where readers could easily find articles on calligraphy as well as have sections for Ad revenue. Solution: The design was based on keeping the most important information (articles and ad revenue) above the fold. This is similar to a newspaper design. Website: beyond-calligraphy.com Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Owner requirement: A Japanese business venture wishing to sell Bikinis in japan needed a website. Requirement: A site which could publish information on their product line as well as a link to their online shop and Instagram. Solution: Created an eye-popping home page which linked to the shop as well as gave information regarding Bikinis.…

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Sakiko Yanagisawa


Owner requirement: Sakiko Yanagisawa, a well known Master Japanese Calligrapher, asked for a website which would have a gallery and a section to update her fans. Solution: We created a blog style website with a Gallery page. Website: sakikoyanagisawa.com Location: Tokyo, Japan

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Nagamura Koji


Owner requirement: Tsugarn shamisen player Nagamura Koji required a website for his profile. The site also had to show his live twitter feed on the front page as well as his upcoming events. It also had to be simple for him to update his information. Solution: We created an eye-catching front banner of him playing…

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Owner requirement: A website to help calligraphy students find a teacher anywhere in the world. Solution: We created a front page where students can search for teachers. Regarding the teacher section, there is a special area only for teachers. The site also includes a pay section for teachers to upgrade their memberships. Website: calligraphypedia.com Location:…

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