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Creating quality content is extremely important to the success of your website. But you know what else is even more important? The design and the speed with which your website loads. How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd and engage your customers? A critical fact to know is that as of 2014, mobile browsing has surpassed desktop web browsing. Research has shown that if your website does not load within three seconds, 40% of your readers and potential customers will not even stay to look. Click and you are gone.

How about we fix that for you

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Because we keep it simple

All you have to worry about is filling quality content on your website and we handle all the boring things that take away your time.

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Recommended support plans

Building a plan can be a hard decision, so to keep it simple, we have created three plans from which to choose.

The Blogger

You just started blogging a few months ago, and your site does not generate much income. You have heard stories from other bloggers who got hacked and lost months and even years worth of data. This has gotten you thinking that you need essential maintenance and protection to be on the safe side. We can do that for you.


Small business

You have been in business for a couple of years, and your site is producing an income. You want to spend more time increasing the business income, but the website maintenance is taking up your free time. However, you have no one who understands what has to be done. We can provide guidance and security so that you can spend your time on the business.


Large business

You understand how valuable a website is to getting leads and making sales. You need reassurance that your site will be online 24/7 which entails a full backup solution and development time. We can do that for you.